On Demand Sales & Marketing Courses for Builders

  • Sales training to plug sales leaks & close more prospects faster
  • Sales management essentials to grow your company
  • How to capture and convert online leads into profitable sales
  • Builder marketing for value based selling for maximizing profits

5 different on demand courses designed to help with home builder marketing, contractor marketing, and remodeler marketing and your efforts to make more sales at higher profits.

Rick Storlie’s Online Academy is a collection of on demand coaching courses to help you generate more and better leads, convert them into sales ready prospects, close them faster at higher margins and management essentials to grow your business.

These courses are all designed to get you the answers you need – right now! Each course is 2-3 sections and can be completed over 7 – 14 days (or sooner if you desire). You’ll receive video tutorials, downloadable collateral materials, a checklist of action items to get the most out of the course and a support forum to ask questions and get feedback. Each home builder marketing, contractor marketing, or remodeler marketing course is loaded with real life case studies, with builders just like you, and the solution(s) they implemented into their business.

The 5 On Demand Home Builder, Contractor & Remodeling Marketing Courses

Plugging Sales Leaks 301: How to Close More Prospects Faster

Stop the bleeding! Our Plugging Sales Leaks courses are all about helping you refine your current sales process. Our 301 course is a comprehensive three part coaching series that will help you clarify your sales process and give you the tools you need to Close More Prospects Faster. We recommend you start with this course to make the greatest impact on your business in the shortest amount of time.

Plugging Sales Leaks 302: Sales Management Essentials for Custom Builders

Sales Management Essentials gives you the tools to find & hire great salespeople, a 60 day training program and an ongoing simple management plan. This course is full of must-have management content such as a comprehensive 7 step process for hiring the best salespeople, compensation plans that work for custom builders and simple metrics for weekly sales management.

Developing Online Revenue 303: Generating More & Better Online Leads

Ready to pull back the curtain and discover the secrets of capturing online leads? After you’ve plugged your sales leaks and refined your sales process- now it’s time to develop new channels for online revenue! This course will show you how to generate leads on your website, Facebook page, blog- anywhere online! We’ll take an in-depth look at how to design a lead capturing website, where to put the content your leads are looking for and how to get them to give you their contact information.

Developing Online Revenue 304: Converting Online Leads into Sales Ready Prospects

It’s one thing to capture an online lead and quite another to get them to write you a check! This course is the same step-by-step process I teach my clients on how to take an email or live chat lead and convert them into a sales ready prospect. I’ll show you how to keep your online leads engaged, techniques for getting them to respond to your email and/or phone calls along with strategies for getting them in front of you.

Maximizing Profits 401: Selling Value Perception vs. Price-per-square-foot

This “master’s level” marketing course dives deep into the secret’s of building value for your company. It will give you the tools to set the foundation for consistently generating higher margins. You’ll discover how to attract the right customers, differentiate your company from your competitors and finally win the price per square foot war with buyers!