How to Solve the 2 Most Common Sales Problems in 20 Minutes a Week or Less

“What gets measured gets done!” and “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” are two phrases that make up the core of sales management.

If you’re considering hiring your first salesperson or are managing a sales team of 20, sales management, and doing it right- is a big challenge! This free tutorial will reveal the two most common sales problems and how to solve them in your organization.   

How to Solve the 2 Most Common Sales Problems in 20 Minutes a Week or Less

Measuring sales, or lack thereof, is the easy part of sales management and everyone knows how to do it. It’s said sales solve all problems and while that may be true, making sales in all market conditions is the true challenge for builders

A healthy housing market will mask internal sales issues and this tutorial will give you the tools to find and fix the weak links in your sales process so you’re not missing any opportunities! 

  • Sales Problem #1: What should you measure? Outside of making a sale, knowing what to measure, and what to do with the information, is a HUGE challenge. You’ll discover the 6 measurables every builder needs to track to make sure sales goals are met and exceeded
  • Sales Problem #2: Using your sales data to make management decisions. Once you know what to measure, now it’s time to use the information to adjust marketing budgets, “coach up” salespeople and navigate unique market challenges and opportunities. I’ll show you a dashboard of all 6 measurables and how to extrapolate the information for wise management decisions.