How to Increase Your Home Remodeling Sales

Looking to grow your home remodeling or renovation sales? We have decades of experience helping builders not only grow their sales, but to maximize profits as well. With three types of New Home Sales Training options, we have your needs covered.

Chose from on-demand coaching, Rick’s functional sales system or use Rick as your company’s sales manager. All three will get you on they way to growing your home remodeling sales!

On-Demand Coaching

Rick’s Online Academy provides the road map to generating more leads and converting them into sales at higher margins.

Functional Sales System

Looking for more than a road map? Use Rick’s Functional Sales System to run your marketing and sales systems.

Virtual Sales Management

Want to have Rick set up your sales management infrastructure? Check out our Virtual Sales Management option and let Rick put together a strategic sales plan for your company.

Get Discovered, Get Seen and Get Better Remodeling Leads with NH Sales Coach

The most common question we get from remodelers when discussing tips on how to improve their home remodeling sales is how can they get not just more leads but better home renovation sales prospects? We understand where this is coming from because home improvement/remodeling jobs are big decisions and getting good qualified remodeling job leads can be very hard. For any home remodeler sales company, the quintessence of the business is home improvement leads and a good one can easily give you hundreds of thousands of dollars in return. Let NH Sales Coach assist you to achieving better home improvement job leads and better income for your home remodeler sales business.  The benefits to your business will be tremendous.

Be DiscoveredRick Storlie the New Home Sales Coach can help you with your home remodeling sales

The first step to increasing your home remodeling sales job leads is to be discovered. If you want to increase your home renovation/improvement job sales you need to become known to your customer base. At NH Sales Coach we can make this a reality. Suppose your home improvement / renovation sales company can be discovered when someone looks up “home improvement companies” on Google either through pay per click ads or simply via an organic search, at this juncture the potential customer will just know that you exist but have not yet come to the point of actually considering you for the job.  The next step is for you to be seen or get noticed. At this point in the home remodeler sales process, the customer is considering you for the job but what can really sway their decision to pick you is a characteristic that lets you standout from the rest of the companies they are also checking out. Something in the research and consideration phase should entice them well enough to make them become interested on your products and services to the point that they reach out and therefore becomes a lead.  We at NH Sales Coach can help your home remodeling sales company to become “the” company that potential customers easily discover and select to become their number one prospect for their home remodeling project.  Getting discovered and getting seen are vital to the process of generating good home renovation sales leads.  In the highly competitive world of home remodeling, you cannot disregard the importance of getting discovered and getting seen by all your prospective customers. This is the best way to get quality leads and a potential remodeling job.

Rankings and User Experience Crucial

Website ranking are a big deal, no doubt about that.  As a home remodeling sales company your position in SERPs or search engine results pages can mean the difference between a customer finding you or never ever hearing from you. The benefits of a high ranking page is tremendous.  Home renovation sales companies at the first 5 results of search engine queries reap the benefits and do considerably well in getting leads and landing a remodeling job. However, even if you land at number 1 and the customer clicked on your site but find it terrible, they will leave with a bad user experience that can affect not just your rankings but potential home renovation sales lead numbers as well. On the other hand, some home remodeling sales companies do not realize the importance of rankings and pour all their energies to a seamless website experience but if they rank poorly on searches chance are people and potential customers won’t be able to appreciate the effort they put in.  At NH Sales Coach we do not merely help you with how to get better rankings to increase your home renovation sales leads but also provide you with the knowledge to ensure that every customer who discovers your site will see you as a company worthy to be on their shortlist of candidates for the project.

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  • Start Right Now with On Demand Coaching!
  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
  • Use Rick as Your Virtual Sales Manager

Be a Resource

To get more leads to increase home remodeler sales it is important that you are viewed as an authority in the business. What better way to become that for your customers than being viewed as a leading resource of information of tips and advice for remodeling their home.  Any possible lead has invariably searched all the popular sites on the Internet such as Houzz and Pinterest in order to get a clearer idea of the kind of remodeling they prefer.  We will teach you on how to become a resource that is part and parcel of the process. We will teach you how to write the perfect blog in order to show potential customers the benefits of getting a remodeling job for their home. How to show examples of your work so they will see your home remodeling sales company as an integral part of making their vision a reality.

Teach You to Tell Details that Make a Difference

Every home remodeling sales company out there likes to mention words like “high quality”, “professional”, “eye to detail” and “affordable” that the words lose their real meaning to a customer as every company loves to mention them when discussing their portfolio.  At NH Sales Coach not only will we teach you the power of these words and how to use them effectively to ensure the meaning you are trying to convey does not sound like everyone else’s but more importantly some other specific unique tips and advice that can help sway the decision of a potential lead customer your way.

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How Can I Help?

  • Start Right Now with On Demand Coaching!
  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
  • Use Rick as Your Virtual Sales Manager