Home Remodeler Sales Training: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack with Our Profit Producing Workshop

Looking to grow your home remodeler sales? We have decades of experience training builders not only grow their remodeler sales, but to maximize profits as well. With different types of Remodeler Sales Training options, we have your needs covered.

Chose from on-demand coaching, Rick’s functional sales system or use Rick as your company’s sales manager. All three will get you on they way to growing your remodeling sales!

On-Demand Coaching

Rick’s Online Academy provides the road map to generating more leads and converting them into sales at higher margins.

Functional Sales System

Looking for more than a road map? Use Rick’s Functional Sales System to run your marketing and sales systems.

Virtual Sales Management

Want to have Rick set up your sales management infrastructure? Check out our Virtual Sales Management option and let Rick put together a strategic sales plan for your company.

In the remodeling industry competition tends to be cutthroat. This is why you always need to be updated with the latest professional home remodelers sales training so you can always stay ahead of your business and competition and get more customers. Changes in demographics, the real estate market recovery and access to virtually unlimited information has made customers more discerning when choosing who their next new professional remodeling design contractor will be compared to 5 or 10 years ago when all you needed was a snappy website and a business card. Our new professional home improvement/remodelers sales training workshop  can provide you with a new playbook to help you stay ahead of the game and get more customers for your remodeling business.

Home Remodeling sales training to grow your business

Different Approach, Same Objective

At NH Sales Coach we have crafted a unique home remodelers sales training workshop that is in line with present technology and trends. In the past home remodeler sales training was focused on getting a single message and the selling was considered as simply closing the sale. Today it is no longer that simple.  Our home remodeler/home improvement sales training education will teach you marketing that is focused on the content that you make in order to encourage people to make informed decisions that favors your business.  It is not about reinventing the industry, the objective of professional home improvement/remodeler sales training is still the same: crafting a message, identifying leads and eventually converting them to customers. However, the methods we will teach you will be different as it will arm you with how to effectively communicate with today’s customers.

Provide Customers with the Right Information

In the past most home improvement consumers merely relied on their contractors to tell them what they do not know. Today’s customers have usually done their research before they look for home remodeling contractors. Our home improvement/remodeler sales training workshop will teach you how to approach customers with the right information they need and what you should hold back.

To Grow Remodeler Sales, It’s All about the User Experience

Our home remodeler sales training will help identify weaknesses in the design of your website and we will teach you to how to fix these design mistakes so your customers will have a positive user experience. For instance, the use of high resolution images to showcase your work and how to let customers navigate your website easily to get the information they  need so they can make a decision. Good website design goes a long way in creating one lasting impression.

How Can I Help?

  • Start Right Now with On Demand Coaching!
  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
  • Use Rick as Your Virtual Sales Manager

How to Standout as a Remodeler

Our remodeler sales training will teach you how to standout from the rest of the competition. Customers today do not merely choose one or two contractors but data suggests they are checking out at least 5 online and they do this even before they invite one contractor to make a bid.  The home remodeler sales training program will teach you how to maintain a well kept profile on Houzz and how to ensure your online reviews are read by as many possible customers as possible so that you get the best chance of getting that call to make a bid.

Approaching the Closing without Pressuring the Customer

You have probably learned in past home remodeler sales training workshops about the multi-step process of that features the warm up, developing rapport, measuring, company history, demonstration of portfolio and proposal of contract eventually building to closing the sale.  Most homeowners, detect this a mile away. Many just want essential information from their remodelers without pressuring them of immediately having to say yes to a remodel. Customers today decide on their own time and they do not like to feel as if they are being funneled into the sales process of any company. Anything that feels forced could mean that they are being offered services they do not need.  At NH Sales Coach  the remodeler sales training  will teach how you can identify deals that are ripe for closing and how to approach them in a way that does not feel forced. You will learn how to present yourself professionally,  show your portfolio, services and showcase reviews and testimonials and pricing options so that the customers know you are the best remodeler for the job right from the get-go.

Client Testimonial for the Functional Sales System

How Can I Help?

  • Start Right Now with On Demand Coaching!
  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
  • Use Rick as Your Virtual Sales Manager