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Due to the competitive nature of the remodeling business, every remodeler needs to stay abreast of their home remodeler marketing strategies in order to stay two steps ahead of their competitors.  However, most new remodelers are busy with work, running the company and dealing with customers to spend lots of time to search and learn online remodeling marketing and services methods. Moreover, you can spend hundreds of hours at website services looking at different online renovation marketing techniques but without a competent coach to help you know the nuances of each and teach you which method will best get more work for your business it can be a hard and frustrating experience.  There are literally dozens of online home remodeler marketing techniques you can search for in a single website but it is impossible to learn and implement them all. At NH Sales Coach we can help you search and select the best remodeler marketing services that makes sense for your business and customer base. The best performing remodeling companies are not those that try to implement every renovation marketing technique available but are actually those that select the ones they know well and do it on a consistent basis become the winners. Our goal at NH Sales Coach is to get you to discover the home remodeler marketing approach that can work best for you and help you implement it successfully and with amazing results.

Know Thyself

If you are new to online home remodeler marketing services it can be pretty challenging to grasp the vast majority of information available for your company such as catching and qualifying leads, using CRM, implementing an email campaign, using SEO to optimize your website, creating CTAs and more. This is the reason why you should begin with what you know. Remodeling marketing is something you want to do well and knowing yourself and your limits will help you discover the best way to approach your goals for the company and its services.  If you neither have the time or the inclination to do home remodeler marketing then we suggest you get a coach like NH Sales Coach to guide you on how to tread this integral area of the business for the benefit of our company and the services it provides.

Share Stories That Go Beyond the Picture

While home remodeler marketing is all about showing designs and images of a completed project you have done. Giving an opportunity to clients to speak about how they actually use their “remodeled” space can be game changing and can take your remodeling marketing content to a whole new level.  This approach allows your clients to know how a remodeling project is not all about simply making a room look better but more importantly how the renovated space has made their lives more convenient and enjoyable. That experience right there if done correctly can convert a lot of prospects and leads into actual paying clients as all customers have an end-result experience in mind they want to achieve. Once you let them know its possible through the experience of your customers, they no doubt get right in.

Make and Offer High Value Content on Social Media

Good home remodeler marketing is all about providing a satisfying and informative experience for your customers. One of the most effective means to achieve this end is a tried and true method of sharing your years or decades worth of knowledge and experience through social media content.  Not only is this a great way to establish hundreds of leads, it can also help establish your remodeling business as an authority in the industry. You can regularly publish an eBook, cost comparison guide or renovation checklist to help guide potential customers make a decision. The renovation marketing would focus say on a master bath guide and eBook with remodeling suggestions, a checklist to determine if you need to begin considering renovation of their patio, and cost comparison of different remodeling projects in your area. Complete the renovation marketing activity with a form that lets prospects fill out their name, email address and contact information before they receive the premium content.

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Improved Engagement via Promos

One effective home remodeler marketing approach to improve customer engagement is through promos and contests that you can implement on your social media or company website. This renovation marketing method can help you tick off a lot of objectives. For instance, you can easily increase customer engagement on your FB website page by starting a contest that will inspire viewers to comment, like and share your post.  The end goal is to increase the amount of people that see your website post and hence provide you with more potential customers. We can teach you the right way to incentivize the promo based on how big the contest are. For instance, a $5 gift card for customers that participate in an engagement promo or a bigger prize such as offering a free design consultation or discount from a remodeling project.

Be Real and in the Moment

Authenticity is a major factor customers use when they search who their next remodeler will be. Our home remodeler marketing method will teach you how to exude authenticity and living in the moment so your social media followers will see you as an authentic and real person, not just a remodeler looking to make a sale. One way to do this is going Live on social media such as a Facebook Live broadcast that lets you show your viewers the progress and challenges of a remodeling project. Taking a random Selfie at different times of the day to show what you are working on and posting it on Instagram or your website and asking your viewers what they are doing or what they think of the project. This renovation marketing approach helps generate more engagement that can create more leads and business.

Stay in the Customer’s Radar

One effective home remodeler marketing approach that is mostly overlooked nowadays is email. Email marketing in the past has been abused to the point of  becoming junk destined for the trash bin. However, with the right renovation marketing guidance from NH Sales Coach we can help you create and implement an email campaign including newsletters so you can stay connected with current, past and future clients and help you stay on their radar as a home remodeler they can turn to when needed.

NH Sales Coach is your true guide to reaching your sales goals in 2020 and beyond. Call us today and learn more on how to effectively and consistently get more leads and customers for your remodeling business.

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How Can I Help?

  • Start Right Now with On Demand Coaching!
  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
  • Use Rick as Your Virtual Sales Manager