The Importance of Home Builder Marketing

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Do you know the difference between a good selling new home business and a great selling one? To tell you the truth it is not the company that offers better construction methods or the best floor plans. It is not also just about the location, which many believe is the most reliable mantra for builders. The real difference between good and great selling new home sales businesses is that the latter offers efficient and more effective home builder marketing techniques.

In the cut throat world of home building, most builders already have good builder marketing skills. Some are good with people, which make them more popular and likely to close the deals than those that are not.  The truth is most builders do not possess new home marketing people skills to really drive their sales through the roof. In order to assist in resolving that, we at NH Sales Coach offer these home builder marketing tools for new home sales.

There are many online home builders marketing tips out there. However, not everything on the web is current. Builder marketing techniques should evolve and keep up with the latest trends in technology, culture and buyers’ taste and behavior. Not knowing the new home marketing methods can put you behind in number of leads and sales while your competitor grabs what little you have from you. No one wants that. Your objective  as a new home sales business owner should always be to stay two to three steps ahead of your competition and get more leads, sales and return business.

Increase Website Engagement

There is no doubt that your company website is your virtual showroom and office and as such should always leave a good impression on your first time and returning visitors that are shopping for new homes. This is the first rule of online home builder marketing that you need to follow.  Just as your physical presence should always create a positive, professional and lasting first impression, so should be the same experience when customers who are potential leads visit and search your website.

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 At NH Sales Coach We Can Teach You To:


Make Your Website Easier to Find

There is no use if you have impeccable website design but no one knows if you are even on the web. Our online builder marketing services will help you make your website more visible on the web through search engines. We will help you look for top ranking keywords to integrate in the site that reflect what most new home buyers and possible leads are looking to find in today’s market.  Our new home marketing services includes tips and methods on implementing search engine optimization or SEO to achieve this goal so you can get more leads and more visibility on the web for your services.

Easy to Remember

Our online home builder marketing services can teach you how to make your website easier to remember. We can help ensure that your customers remember who you are on the web and where they can find you again. Our builder marketing program will teach you how to get and strategically place high resolution images, teach you how to get the right slogan and ensure your website name is easy to find and remember.

Easy Navigability

Our home builder marketing program will teach you how to make your site easier to use. On average website users spend less than 30 seconds on a site and if your website is slow and unresponsive or complicated to explore, people will simply move on to the next. Regardless if you have good content, you can quickly lose views and potential leads if your site is just way too slow to respond.

Mobile Ready

The mistake of many home builders is neglecting the importance of making their sites compatible with different platforms.  Our builder marketing techniques can teach you the importance of making your website easy to view on not just desktop and laptops (who are dwindling in numbers) but more importantly work seamlessly in smartphones and tablets.

Content Specifically Geared for the Customer

Your home builder marketing should be focused on content that is interesting and provides value for your customers. We can help you make your site content more engaging by identifying information that customers need and want.  The new home marketing techniques does not simply focus on written content but also visual content as well. Online customers like to see beautiful images and as such we will  teach you the importance of showing them what you have to offer instead of merely just letting them read the information.   Our home builder marketing will teach you the importance of using the latest technology to create better presentations such as 3D renderings, virtual home tours and pre-staged imagery as these may mean the difference between an interested to know more customer versus a customer looking to go somewhere else.

How to Conduct a Proper Email Campaign

Email home builder marketing campaigns are still considered one of the most effective marketing and sales techniques out there as long as it is done right.  For one thing, it is one of the most convenient and least intrusive means of reaching potential customers. You can send the emails at your convenience and provide customers with options that they can choose to explore or simply ignore if they prefer.

At NH Sales Coach We Can Assist You In:

Creation of a List of Potential Customers – Our new home builder marketing program can teach you how to create a good list of people to message. The more appropriate the people on the list the higher the chances of getting a potential client. Our builder marketing program can teach you how to properly create an incentive on your site in exchange for information such as a lead magnet wherein there is something of value provided in exchange for the customer providing his or her selected contact information.

How to Create a Clear Offer – Home builder marketing is not about simply making an offer to customers but more importantly ensuring that the message will get to the customers loud and clear and the value clearly defined. This can be done via a well-written headline that instantly grabs the attention of the customer and piques their curiosity to open the email message and read through the contents.

How to Follow-up – Our home builder marketing techniques can teach you how to design a series of objectively spaced messages that can build up on your initial offer and result in a client wanting to know more about your products and services.

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  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
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