What’s the Most Valuable Type of New Home or Remodeling Lead?

At a webinar last year we revealed the highest converting lead sources after a year long
case study. Here they are from highest to lowest conversion:

  1. Client referral
  2. Business sphere referral (including Realtors)
  3. Website Lead
  4. Homeshow or model home walk-in
  5. Direct mail, sign calls, print, etc

You should be thinking to yourself the #1 and #2 answers are not a surprise. I’m sure you have similar results in your business.

The question you should be asking yourself is, “How do I get more of these types of

The sad fact is I see most builders letting these leads happen organically instead of
systematizing the process. And the key to increasing client and business sphere leads is a
combination of effort between builder programs (corporate) and grassroots
efforts (salesperson). You won’t have a successful program without both.

Thursday August 23rd we’ll be diving deeply into what a salesperson should be doing each week as
part of their grass root efforts to expand a builder’s referral network.

You can find out more and secure your spot by clicking on this link > >

See you Thursday!