If you’ve been around as long as I have, you’d probably answer the same way I would. The on-site walk-in!

We’ll, the times they are a changin’…

At our October 20th webinar Four Cutting Edge Lead Generation Ideas for Today’s Home Builders and Remodelers, I revealed the results to date with our case study of Hallmark Homes and NIH Homes. Check them out.

The results are pretty telling, aren’t they? Unqualified walk-in traffic is 70% of our total leads yet nets only 30% of our sales. On the flip side, Realtor showings and referral leads are only 13% of our total leads yet generate a combined 55% of total sales.

Now imagine this. Using the “MoneyBall” approach to your annual marketing and sales plan, how many leads of each source would you need to do the following?

If we use the same ratios and formulas as our case study builders, this is what you would need…

Here’s the conclusions so far:

•Realtor & Referral Leads are your most valuable
•Online leads are worth more than walk-in traffic
•Referral Leads convert at 75%+ (I’ve previously used 40% but both builders were 75%+)
•Tracking online activity is imperative so you can pinpoint your follow-up (more on this in December for our final webinar on sales process)
•Growth opportunity lies with referral and primarily online leads
Happy Selling!