5-Can't-Live-Without-Sales-Tech-Tools-for-Home-Builders-and-Remodelers-squareHi guys!

For businesses, the problem with embracing technology is the technology itself. It can over complicate simple tasks, and it takes massive amounts of time to learn. Once purchased, the technology is quickly out of date, or it is simply just the wrong product all together.

This frustration can lead individuals to anxiety, and in some cases, to start avoiding technology completely. Although avoidance is a survival instinct, it can be detrimental to home builder sales.

The Facts

Your prospects are embracing e-shopping and mobile ecommerce globally. You want more leads, better prospects, higher margins and to grow your company. You can’t do it without technology- even embracing a little can make a significant change in your bottom line.

Take email and social media. Email has been used and abused and social media is daunting and can be a black hole of time and effort. Yet, email works and social media is gaining ground. I’m going to show you how to use both efficiently and effectively. Here’s a tip: Instead of thinking about how you can sell using these mediums, make a list of what you can give away…Design tips. Floor plans. Photos. And more! All of these things your prospects are clamoring for. You just need to figure out a way to consistently deliver the content.

On September 26th I’ll be revealing the tech tools every home builder and remodeler needs to stay in business. If you’re a technophobe, the webinar will break down the basics of my signature 5 Step Sales Process and provide the perfect technological solution for each step in an easy to follow format.


See you on Thursday!


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