Eight Ideas for 2008 newsletter and then expanded on each idea in subsequent months. None of us could have imagined the changes that have taken place in the housing industry, credit markets and overall economy since December 2007. But the changes have happened, and my final topic is even more relevant today than it was back in 2007:  Believe. 
Several years ago, I attended a seminar presented by one of my mentors, Myers Barnes, who explained that there are four types of people in this world. He confessed that it really bothered him when he couldn’t get his message across to everyone he trained. In fact, it used to keep him up at night. 
Myers described the first type of person as the Laugher and Mocker. They dismiss any new idea brought to the table with a chuckle and smile. They won’t step out of their comfort zone, because if they try something and fail, they will be humiliated in their own mind.
The second type is the Critic and Skeptic. The words that most often come out of the mouth of these types are, “that won’t work in my market!” That’s because many years ago, a Critic and Skeptic tried something new, and it didn’t work so he or she has been forever scarred. Yes, for this type, the glass is always half-empty.
We all know the third type of person – the Perplexed. These are the folks, through no lack of trying, just don’t get it. They never have gotten it and probably never will. Many of the perplexed have already left the real estate business because of the complexities of the marketplace.
The fourth type of person, Myers explained, is the Believer. A Believer doesn’t track the national market, listen to the national news or rely on the market to sell homes for them. A Believer finds a system to sell homes and focuses 100% on that system.
Government will save us
We have a presidential election coming up in a couple of weeks. Both democrats and republicans are talking about their plans for getting us out of this financial mess. Millions of people on both tickets believe their side is right and can fix the problem. “Change is coming” is the rallying cry from both sides of the aisle.
“Wall Street, deregulation and predatory lenders got us into this mess,” we are told by both parties.  “And we will save you!”
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to be saved by the very entity that got us into this mess? Our government has been pushing for increased homeownership since the mid 1990’s by relaxing lending standards for those that shouldn’t have purchased a home in the first place. And now they have passed a bailout bill to save us?
I believe we need to take away one very valuable lesson from the financial crisis and this political election:
Never rely on the marketplace or the government to build or save your business.
How to sell in this economy
Immediately after the bailout bill was passed and the stock market lost ground for eight consecutive days, three of my clients sold a total of four homes (and made good profits on each one). Did they sell their homes because the market was so great? Hardly. Did they sell their homes because the government promised to save everybody? Absolutely not.
My clients were able to sell their homes because they believed and followed a system designed to sell homes in any economy.
I want to discover a system where I can sell homes no matter what the economy is doing>> 
You know what? My clients aren’t any smarter than any of you. They simply follow a system that focuses on three key components:
Key #1: Positioning
My clients have all re-positioned their offerings to be unique and different from those around them. They understand it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond by targeting a specific buyer profile with a unique offering. If a consumer can’t make a direct comparison to what you are selling, you are considered a specialist. In this economy, everyone wants to work with a company they feel understands their needs and problems better than anyone else. What specialty are you known for?
Key #2: Lead Generation
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – mass marketing is dead. Too many home builders and Realtors use the shotgun approach to lead generation and then wonder why they don’t get any or only attract unqualified leads. My clients’ lead generation is based on their unique position. Their leads are highly qualified to purchase their homes and offerings. How do you lead generate?
Key #3: Lead Conversion
Just one week ago, the Builders Association of the Twin Cities held their semi-annual Remodeler’s ShowcaseSM where local remodeling companies can show off their recent projects for three days. The Showcase had 130 entries between dozens of different companies.
Everyone was nervous that consumers wouldn’t show up or – if they did – wouldn’t commit to moving forward with projects right now due to the financial markets. A client of mine, who had diligently prepared their lead conversion system, converted 30% of their cold leads into hot prospects. They finished the weekend with 14 confirmed consultations. I can already tell you they will convert 50% – or seven of those consultations into buyers because they follow a system.
I’m ready to close more sales and maximize profits>> 

Are you a Johnny?
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 Happy Selling!