Are you wondering how women can influence purchasing decisions?

This article provides five actionable tips you can employ now.

Women are responsible for 85% of all brand purchases. So what does this mean during tough economic and recessionary times? According to Forbes women initiate 80% of all home-improvement purchase decisions, especially when it comes to big-ticket orders like kitchen cabinets, flooring and bathrooms.

In this article, I focus on five key stages of the buying process:

1. Kick-off – women

2. Research – women

3. Purchase – men

4. Ownership – women

5. Word-of-mouth – women

If you’re a home builder or remodeler, or sell for one, you may want to pay attention to these 5 buying stages.

So, let’s look at those stages:

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Here’s my idea you can implement into your home building or remodeling sales process today! Play the video below to see how…

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The secret is to understand her needs, connect with her and be there for her when she is ready to buy. You will not only build your brand perpetually, but organically as well. You will constantly build her trust so when she is ready to buy, she will buy from you.