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For the last two weeks I’ve been giving you challenges to prepare yourself for today’s webinar. I hope you’ve made the time to complete these challenges. You know what they say, if you do something for 10,000 hours you become an expert at it. Hopefully my challenges haven’t taken that long but putting in the effort to complete a task well is a great step to becoming an expert. And if you’ve noticed, my challanges have been about positioning yourself as an expert.

I’ve also been sharing with you ways that home builders and remodelers increased their sales by optimizing their website. Today we’re going to discuss how they convert online leads into online prospects. My clients use three ways to do this all with great success.

  • Automation – Offer your expertise at the end of each chapter of your planning guide.
  • Individual Follow Up – You can follow up with a specific call to action if you know where your leads have spent their time on your website.
  • Events – Events create an urgency that just isn’t generated by weekly open houses. Special VIP Events get the lead motivated to take action now because they don’t want to miss out.

We’ll discuss this four step plan to converting online leads into sales ready prospects at my webinar this afternoon. Click here to sign up if you haven’t yet.

If you’re struggling to turn website visitors into sales ready leads you can’t afford to miss this webinar. Plus, you’ll get the added bonus to download my 33 page resource guide full of tips on driving traffic to your website, social media and online sales strategies.

For the last two weeks I’ve been assigning challenges in preparation for today’s webinar. Today’s fourth and final challenge is really easy one:

Attend the webinar!!

That’s it, pretty easy, eh?  Hurry, the webinar starts today 1pm CDT!

See you there!

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