Free webinar to capture and convert online leadsCoach Rick here.

I’m going to get right to the point today. If you aren’t paying attention to your website stats you’re going to have a difficult time generating more leads from your website.

Prospects are looking for three things when they visit your site:

  • What? (Design ideas)
  • Where? (Locations)
  • How Much? (Pricing information)

They aren’t thinking about who is going to build their new home  or remodel their existing one because they are in the information gathering mode and need to establish a value for those services first.

If you aren’t answering those questions on your website you will fail to establish value for those services. You’re going to attract a lot of leads but you’re going to have a difficult time converting them to online sales.

Join me next week May 15th for my webinar titled How To Capture and Convert Online Leads into Sales Ready Prospects.

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In this webinar we’re going to be discussing proven ways to attract and convert your online leads into qualified onsite prospects!

You’ll discover what successful home builders and remodelers are doing to turn tire kickers into qualified leads who are ready to buy now.

We’ll be focusing on four challenges:

  1. How to generate more leads from your website – turns out there is a pretty simple formula but most home builders and remodelers aren’t doing it.
  2. How to create value for your services before the first introduction – I’ll show you how to establish yourself as the leading expert in your area – and it’s all automated!
  3. How to know which leads to focus your energy and time on – I’ll show you how to work smarter, not harder.
  4. How to convert your online leads into sales ready prospects – Combining automation and personal attention for proven success!

If you’re prospects aren’t converting into sales you must attend this webinar.

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To prepare for this informative webinar I’m challenging you to four different tasks. Today’s challenge is to install Google Analytics and take the time to understand what information it’s capturing and how to read the collected data.

Google Analytics can be overwhelming for some so here is a helpful video to get you started using this incredibly powerful tool.