I recently commented on a Linkedin discussion regarding “How do you present your bid/offer to prospects?” As I was following the thread a builder by the name of Ken Bilgrien made this comment…

“Someone told me years ago, that when the kids pick out their bedrooms, you have a sale. We always put the kid’s names on their bedrooms when we draw plans. If you want to get a sale, just ask the kids to choose their rooms or any other feature that might be personal to them.”

I immediately envisioned sitting at a table with my prospects and opening up the concept plan with personalized labels of the requested elements or chosen rooms.

“Ken’s gourmet cooktop”

“Janet’s whirlpool tub”

“Missy’s bedroom”

“Bill’s man cave”

WOW! Can you imagine the emotional impact? You’d leave any of your competitors in the dust. Your prospects would immediately be thinking, ‘these guys GET it. I LOVE working with them!’

Give it a try. I’d love to hear how it works.

Thanks Ken!


Happy Selling