How to Increase Your New Home Builder Sales

Looking to grow your new home builder sales? We have decades of experience helping builders not only grow their sales, but to maximize profits as well. With three types of New Home Sales Training options, we have your needs covered.

Chose from on-demand coaching, Rick’s functional sales system or use Rick as your company’s sales manager. All three will get you on they way to growing your home builder sales!

On-Demand Coaching

Rick’s Online Academy provides the road map to generating more leads and converting them into sales at higher margins.

Functional Sales System

Looking for more than a road map? Use Rick’s Functional Sales System to run your marketing and sales systems.

Virtual Sales Management

Want to have Rick set up your sales management infrastructure? Check out our Virtual Sales Management option and let Rick put together a strategic sales plan for your company.

Positioning Yourself Strategically in the New Home Market with NH Sales Coach

With the recovery of the housing market, new home builder sales have gone up tremendously once again. This is not surprising, as the recovery has spurned a wave of new sales and marketing approaches. With the recovery came new challenges as well. After so many years of toned down marketing efforts during which time social media revolutionized the way new home builder sales are done, people looking for new homes now more than ever relied on the Internet and social media platforms to perform their searches and choose their homes. At New Home Sales Coach we can help improve your marketing approach to include the latest and most effective builder sales methods that reflect the times and the technology people have at their fingertips. Learn from the best and discover an experience like no other.

Increase Home Builder Sales With Good Website Design

As a new home builders sales agent, you need to think of your marketing plan as a solar system with your website as the sun. The builders sales marketing campaigns you do around the Internet including search engine optimization, social media marketing, email campaigns and other methods. All should direct your prospects back to a well laid out and optimized business website.  Contrary to what other people are saying, customers still look for the well-polished website experience as one of the trustworthy signs they look for when deciding who will be their next builder sales specialist.  The New Homes Sales Coach experience can help you identify what is wrong with your site and plug the leaks that make it less effective to help ensure you have the best platform that can attract customers and generate sales.

Grow home builder sales with improved web designIn the past, home builder sales websites offered the entire portfolio of information to any potential site visitor looking for some real estate. They thought that by leaving all the information for the client to see, it can provide them with a bigger chance of netting a call or a decision. If you want to maximize the use of your builder sales website, do not offer site visitors everything as this gives them the freedom to make a decision even before you had a chance to make a pitch to them. A new home builder sales strategy that you should consider is to hold off on any pricing information while doing different calls to action statements so you can round up more email addresses and customer contact information as you can in order for your sales team to follow-up.  An NH Sales Coach agent can provide you with the proper training to help ensure that you are giving the right pieces of information at the right time.

New home builders should have unique content created regularly, not just for the site but also for blogs and social media websites as well.  While many builder sales agent reps insist on writing their own material, we can help you come up with professionally written content that features select keywords that turn up in most search engine results pages for homes and real estate searches The use of certain high ranking keywords strategically inserted can help buff your search engine results and put you at number one in search engine rankings.  At NH Sales Coach we can provide you with tips and tricks that can supercharge your content to help make it land at number 1.

When it comes to online ads for new home builders, it is vital that these stay in the view of potential buyers of homes and real estate.  This can be achieved with the use of “cookies” that tracks the online activities of users and then place home builder sales ads on the sites the next time they visit again.

A sure fire way to increase engagement for your new home builders website is to integrate a form that looks for information on what prospective customers want to see in their dream homes. Once they do, send them floor plans that fit their requirements and watch your sales go through the roof.

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Effective Branding Helps Grow Sales

Based on a study of new home customers, three years after they bought homes, they could not recall who their new home builder sales agent was but remember the kind of vehicle he drove.  It is important for builder sales agent reps to look into other businesses for suggestions on how they can be remembered by customers more effectively for the purpose of creating a brand reputation.  As part of your builders marketing approach, define what message you want your business to be most associated with and then step up efforts to ensure that the message is relayed at each interaction your customer has with yourself or your home builder sales marketing team.  For model homes, it is recommended that you redecorate one room per month so that prospects can keep coming back for updates. This will help establish your brand as a design leader in the real estate industry.  To do this with best effect, task your new home builder sales marketing team to put out an email blast with an image of a corner of the newly redesigned space in the model home, and invite people to visit so they can see for themselves.  One of the best ways to help stamp yourself in the minds of customers and prospects is to help out in the community by donating prizes to charity events or participating directly at charitable activities. When people see this, they will remember your brand as the one who helped out in times of need.

Increasing Awareness and Builder Sales With Video

Any business owner, who is looking to increase new home builder sales,  should know the potential of video in helping increase sales of new homes. Just in the last year alone there were 456.6 million content videos uploaded online and 105.4 billion video ads were viewed. Imagine the reach you can achieve when you regularly upload video content not just on your site but most importantly on social media.  At NH Sales Coach we can help you utilize video to its best potential. We can guide you on which type of videos best retains the attention of customers and which ones are avoided.  For example we know that viewers spent 2.5 times more time viewing personally relevant short form video content compared to other types. Let NH Sales Coach be your partner to more increased new home builder sales for the foreseeable future.

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  • Start Right Now with On Demand Coaching!
  • Plug & Play Rick’s Proven Functional Sales System
  • Use Rick as Your Virtual Sales Manager