White Hot Referral Strategy #2: Using Events to Promote Your Rewards ProgramWhite-Hot-Referrals---square-image

So now that you’ve got your corporate referral program up and running you need to promote it. What’s the best way? Email, direct mail, phone? Nope. Events.

There’s nothing that will keep you top of mind more than a face-to-face interaction. And events follow the marketing rule of giving first before you ask. Here’s just some of the benefits of events:

  1. Reach. Events allow you to call, mail and email current and past clients in a warm, non-threatening manner. You’re not asking for anything. You’re giving! Even if your client doesn’t show up, and most won’t, you’ve made a good impression.
  2. Raving fans. Events allow you to reconnect with those people more than happy to help you promote your business. You only need a network of 10 – 20 raving fans to bring you referral leads
  3. Sell current prospects. Who better to invite to rub elbows with a room full of people who will sing your praises? Your clients will sell you harder than you or your sales team ever could!

One of my favorite type of events is going to your clients- not them coming to you. There’s several ways to do this and I’ve seen some great results that I’ll share at the webinar this Thursday May 23rd. Use the link below to secure your spot!