White Hot Referral Strategy #1: Creating Your Rewards ProgramWhite-Hot-Referrals---square-image

The 1st step in increasing your referral business is developing a Rewards Program. Just like many other businesses, you’re going to entice your sphere of influence, past clients and Realtors® to go out of their way to refer and do additional business with you. Your Rewards program is the “corporate” piece to your referral system. The other 2 steps will focus on organic execution and growth.

Your Rewards program will have the following parameters:

  1. Simple. It’s got to be simple and easy to understand and track.
  2. Enticing. Give people a reason to go out of their way to help build your business.
  3. Tell a story. The best programs allow you to share stories of people who have participated and benefited from referring others to you.

If you’re a home builder, I suggest 1 program for Realtors® and one for all other people. Remodelers, you only need 1 program unless you want to offer a commission to Realtors® too.

We’ll talk more about all of this on the 23rd.  Make sure you click on the link below to secure your spot!