Today we’re going to continue to discuss another important topic in my series: “5 Can’t Live Without Sales Tech Tools for Home Builders and Home Remodelers.”Step-3--Sales-Tech-Tools-intro-slide-11-17-13

In this video (the third in the series), you’ll learn exactly what it is that takes a lead – potential home buyers or remodeling project customers that you haven’t even met yet – and makes them choose you and your company over your competitors.

The critical factor in that process is: Value Creation

I start by revealing:

My “value creation formula” and exactly what it takes to create it.

You see leads typically don’t convert into prospects overnight – especially when they’re investing in a new home, or spending a significant chunk of change on a remodeling job.

They start by doing their homework to figure out where they can get the best value for their dollar.

I’m going to teach you how to take them through that process…using technology.

Establishing your company as the best value for the price is a process that takes time, and in today’s high tech world, it’s critically important to use a combination of mediums.

  • U.S. Mail
  • Monthly Events
  • Your website and blog
  • Social Media
  • Phone (texting and calls)
  • Email

I review each type of medium, and how to combine them effectively so your prospects understand why they should choose you.

Enjoy – and thanks for sharing your comments below.

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