Coach Rick here,

If you haven’t noticed lately I’ve been talking a lot about social media. I talk about it so much because it’s such an important sales tool and yet many home builders and remodelers under utilize it.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about my new Linkedin and Facebook groups. These are free to join discussion groups for those who are proactive about expanding sales.

These groups have been created to facilitate an open discussion about what we’re doing right in the industry and what we’re doing wrong.

The single greatest thing about social media is the exchange of knowledge and that’s just what we’ll be doing in these groups.

Don’t worry you don’t have to join both groups (but you can!). They won’t be exactly the same, because you drive the conversation, but we’ll cover the same topics in each group. So feel free to join the one you’re most comfortable with.

Click here to join the Linkedin group.

Click here to join the Facebook group.

Each month I’ll be asking several questions about the different strategies you’re employing to increase leads and sales. Group members are encouraged to discuss the various methods with which they’ve found success. When we have an active discussion with enough members participating we’ll promote one Google Hangout at the end of each month to continue the discussion, get answers and ask more questions.

By joining one of these groups you will be learning from others who face the same challenges AND you’ll be conditioning yourself to use the very tool you need to master – Social media – all in a fun and informative setting.

Click here to join the Linkedin group.

Click here to join the Facebook group.

This month’s topic is Lead Generation so click on one of the links above to get in on the discussion!

One More Thing!!

I’ve got two more dates available for my Functional Sales System Overview. There’s one today at 11am CDT and also one on Thursday, April 24th at 1pm.

It only takes 30 minutes to kick start your lead generating efforts!

There’s no obligationso sign up today!