Get ready to roll-up your sleeves and dig in because today, in my second video in this series titled “The 5 Must Have Tech Tools for Home Builders and Home Remodelers,” I’m going to reveal how to use technology to start automating your sales process.Step-3--Sales-Tech-Tools-intro-slide-11-17-13

There’s no better way to go from attracting a lead, and turning it into a prospect by nurturing that lead on auto pilot, and eventually turning that prospect into a home buyer or customer for a home remodeling project.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn:

  • A great (and free!) tool that can help you determine the local directories where your website is listed, and the best keyword phrases leads are searching with to find you online.
  • The best platform to use for your website (hint: it’s both a website and a blog!)
  • Why your website needs to be mobile friendly, and a great “plug-in” (similar to apps on a smart phone) that can magically transform your site so it can easily be viewed on a phone.
  • The important attributes that must be present on your website to collect leads thru your inbound marketing programs.

Once you’ve got these systems in place, it’s critically important to start tracking data to analyze, and optimize what’s happening with your marketing.

I’ll teach you:

  • The three most important numbers to track on Google Analytics.
  • How to determine which pages are most popular with your site visitors.
  • Analysis of your traffic sources.

Email marketing is an important element in your lead conversion program – and using programs, such as Ubix, your leads will automatically receive emails at specific time-frames.

I’ll be sharing what an acceptable email open rate is, along with a minimum click-thru rate for links in those emails.

Your goal is to become “the” local housing resource. That’s what you’ll learn how to do with these tech tools and systems.

Watch the video now! Thanks for leaving your comments below, too.

First – if you missed our first video in this series, here’s the link:

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Here are some helpful links that were mentioned in the video:

Tool for measuring your reach in local directories:


Plugin to convert your site to a mobile-friendly site:


Tools for previewing what your site will look like when converted to mobile:

System for sending collecting leads and sending automatic emails: Ubix Click Here for more info about Ubix

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Happy Selling,

Coach Rick