Offline and Online Lead Generation for Builders: How to Get More Leads from Projects and Print Advertisingsales training for home builders, marketing training for home builder, closing sales for home builders, contractor lead generation

The “old school” methods for generating leads for your home builder or home remodeler business just don’t work as well as they used to.

Beyond giving your lead generation models an update – there’s another concept to consider. It’s the relationship between your lead source, and when, during the sales process, you start discussing pricing.

Our research shows that these two are closely related. Mastering this connection can result in closing more sales, and even better, asking premium prices with very little, if any, negotiation. Throughout this series of videos, I’ll start by giving your current marketing and lead generation techniques an overhaul:

Offline marketing – these may “look” like familiar lead generation methods you’re doing now – but it’s time to give each one an overhaul. I’ll cover:

  1. Model Homes
  2. Print Marketing
  3. Event Marketing
  4. Realtors
  5. Geographic Farming
  6. Referral programs

Online Marketing– Comprised of your website, blog, social media and search engine marketing. I’ll cover:

  1. Creating a Virtual Market Place for your business
  2. Driving traffic to your virtual market

After an in-depth review of each of these strategies, we’re going to connect-the-dots. I’m going to explain how, and when, to initiate the pricing discussion in each of these types of leads to get little, if any resistance and close the sale.

This includes a discussion of the common mistakes most sales associates makes. Once you learn what they are, and eliminate them, you’ll see immediate results.

Here’s your first video on using model homes or any completed project along with the most common mistakes made with print advertising…

Click Here to Download the Slides for Video 1

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of the videos. I’ll be doing quite a few of these and would appreciate any feedback of what you like or don’t like!