Offline and Online Lead Generation for Builders: How to Generate Leads with Geographic Farming and Referral Programs

In my last two videos in this special training, I covered four different offline lead generation systems.

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The first video focused on how home builders and home remodelers can use projects – such as a model homes or show rooms for lead generation, and reviewed updated ideas for your print marketing campaigns.

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The second training video taught new systems for generating leads with events and Realtor Outreach programs.

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In this third video of this 5-part series, I’m reviewing two more off-line strategies: geographic farming and referral programs.

You will learn how to effectively use geographic farming:

  • How to choose the best area to farm.
  • Various types of print pieces for optimum results.
  • How home remodelers can turn one project into dozens using these techniques.
  • The best places for home builders to choose and why.
  • Realistic timing and budget considerations.
  • Three different ways to track and evaluate your results.

One of the key points I reveal is why geographic farming hasn’t worked for many home builders and remodelers in the past – and what you need to change to get a return on your investment.

Next, you’ll learn about developing your referral programs:

We ran a case study about referral programs in 2010. The results showed that 3-out-of-4 prospects who come to your business through a referral program turn into a closed sale for home builders. With that kind of result, developing and implementing your referral program should be at the top of your to-do list.

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop a rewards program.
  • What you need to do to keep your referral partners motivated continuously.
  • How to use personal events (such as birthdays, or home closing anniversaries) to continually connect with referral partners.
  • How to choose the best holidays to promote your business and why.
  • Using special events for referral partners to keep the leads rolling in.
  • A simple strategy to implement your referral program in very little time each week.

Here’s lesson 3:

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