Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach will be interviewing two home builders who are beating buyers at their own game on Thursday September 8th. The builders, Hallmark Homes of Utah and NIH Homes of Minnesota, will reveal how they’re using the “low price” mentality in today’s housing market to ramp up sales and margins.

With nearly every media outlet reporting on the abysmal housing market today’s new home buyers are more than ever focused on price. While this focus has caused many builders to shut their doors, there are at least two companies using it to their advantage.

“Around 2007 a paradigm shift began in the housing industry. Home buyers began to heavily scrutinize their purchase as the housing markets across the country began to see home values fall,” Storlie recently commented. “When you combine that with the rise in foreclosure and short sale home purchases, most builder’s production came to a screeching halt.”

Storlie contends the dominant home buyer perception in markets across the country is that bank owned homes are a great deal. “Ask any real estate agent who works with buyers and they’ll tell you the first homes they (buyers) want to look at are bank owned,” said Storlie. “Everybody thinks foreclosures are a great deal.”

According to Storlie, prior to 2007, most housing markets had a ratio of 85 – 95% used home sales to 5 – 15% new home sales. In many areas today, new home sales comprise less than 5% of total sales.

“Building a home has become an afterthought and normally perceived as a premium purchase,” said Storlie. So is hope lost for home builders? Absolutely not says Storlie.

“Because today’s home buyers are so price focused, builders can use that to their advantage to get noticed. You’re (a home builder) never going to be lower priced that a foreclosed home but if you can get in front of more buyers, you can use their desire to get the best deal to your advantage,” Storlie commented.

Here’s some of what will be covered at the September 8th webinar:

  • The one critical thing each builder is doing the very first time they meet a buyer (even online)
  • How to tap into your buyers decision making process
  • The trick to tying your online message into your onsite sales process

Registration information for the September 8th online seminar is below.

Beating Them at Their Own Game: How Two Builders are Increasing Profits in Today’s Price Conscious Market

Thursday September 8th 11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 PST

Register here https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/375964202

Cost: $0 but limited to 100 attendees

About Rick Storlie: Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach has been helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals since 1992. Visit NHSalesCoach.com to download Rick’s free e-book “6 Secrets to Maximizing Your Sales in any Market Revealed.” Storlie can be reached at 952-895-5566 or Solutions@NHSalesCoach.com.