Game Day Coaching is set to revolutionize the way home builders and remodelers market and sell homes in the 21st Century.

Minneapolis, MN (Vocus/PRWEB) January 13, 2011

Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach has a plan. Over the last 4 years he’s been developing a program called Game Day Coaching that will completely change the way new home and remodeling services are sold. And on January 20th, 2011 he’s launching it to the home building industry.

Since Storlie launched New Home Sales Coach in 2006 he’s been focusing on helping small volume home builders and design build remodelers meet the challenges of today’s housing market.

“When I first began offering my mentoring services my focus was nearly 100% sales training. Everyone thought their salespeople weren’t closing enough. Nobody realized this was the beginning of a paradigm shift in the housing industry,” Storlie said in a recent interview.

Over the last 4 years Storlie has evolved his coaching to include market positioning along with online lead generation strategies.

“When 2007 rolled around it was really apparent that all builders were pretty much offering the same thing,” said Storlie. “The consumers were looking at my clients and saying, ‘You’re all the same so who has the lowest price?’ It was at this point I realized we had a marketing problem, not a sales problem.”

Storlie dove head first into marketing strategies- specifically helping his clients re-position their homes and remodeling services to better appeal to women. “I had sold enough new homes to understand she was the driver in the purchase decision. When I discovered she controlled the decision 80 – 90% of the time when it comes to choosing a home builder or remodeler- I knew this was the path to take,” Storlie said.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Profile of the Typical Single-Family Builder in 2009, 95% of single-family builder NAHB companies are owned by men. Storlie realized that if the new home and remodeling market was going to shrink, his clients needed to adjust their offering to better appeal to women. Marti Barletta, author of Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women, asserts that when men and women buy as partners, women control at least four out of five stages of the purchasing process.

“The first thing I did was create a new sales process called the Transformational Sales System. It’s based on the customer experience beginning with the research stage (online) and ultimately delivering a world class design, selection, building and warranty experience. I spent a lot of time studying what the best retailers were doing because they were already targeting women,” Storlie commented.

Next came lead generation strategies. With traditional print advertising strategies losing their luster Storlie turned to where buyers were searching for their next home- the internet.

“In 2007 I hired one of the top internet marketers in the world to teach me everything he knew about capturing leads online. It was the best business decision of my life. Now I could integrate my Transformational Sales System and market positioning strategies into an internet marketing plan that would generate leads even if nobody was walking into a model or calling on the phone,” Storlie said.

Storlie’s results speak for themselves. Most of his clients sales and margins are better today than they were in 2007- even in markets where permits are down 80%. Storlie’s been able document and share the tools, tactics and strategies to help his newest clients see results in a short period of time.

Now, he’s ready to take these cutting-edge strategies and share them with the entire home building and remodeling industry. On January 20th, 2011 Storlie is launching a community called Game Day Coaching. The community will provide the four elements Storlie has found to be instrumental to his client’s success.

1. Weekly coaching through video tutorials and strategy downloads.

2. A Circle of Experts that’s comprised of 9 different companies specializing in internet marketing, architectural design and interior design and merchandising.

3. A website where members can access hundreds of Storlie’s marketing and sales strategies along with their video tutorials 24/7.

“The small volume home builder and remodeler are the backbone of our housing market, said Storlie. “For years I’ve watched my colleagues consistently ignore their marketing and sales training needs. I’ve decided to offer my services in a manner where any builder can afford them and every builder can profit by using them.”

About Rick Storlie: Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach has been helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals since 1992. Visit to download Rick’s free e-book “6 Secrets to Maximizing Your Sales in any Market Revealed.”