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If you’ve attended my webinars in the past you know I pack them with incredibly relevant tactics and strategies you can use immediately to improve your business.

Today I’m upping the ante….

Not only am I delivering a 23 page “how to” resource guide on how a client of mine grew their business 32% in one year- I’m delivering a webinar workshop where I’ll add even more detail to the resource guide and allow you to ask questions to your heart’s content.

You see I’ve prepared about 30 minutes of content on the 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships and the rest of the time is for you.

Can you ask questions about your specific business or market? Yes!

Can you type in your questions OR ask them verbally? Yes!

Can you ask follow-up questions to an idea I provided for someone else? Yes!

This is your chance. Don’t waste the opportunity. I won’t be doing anything like this in the foreseeable future. Click here to get yourself registered. After you register you can download my resource guide immediately, print it out and use it to take notes during the webinar.

And no, I won’t be recording this webinar. You show up and I’ll be your open book for an hour. Decide not to attend and you’re out of luck.

Click here to get registered. We get started at 11 PST/12 MST/1 CST/2 EST.

See you online!









Make sure to join me this Thursday February 26th where I’ll break down more of the 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships.

Talk soon!