How will your business change with a 75% conversion rate?

lead generation for new home builders
If you missed our last webinar titled White Hot Referral Strategies: 3 Easy-to-Implement Tactics to Leveraging more Leads from your Network, then you missed info on, what can be, one of your strongest lead generation and conversion programs.

Based on our testing, 75% of the leads that come through referral programs are converted to new home sales.

I bet that got your attention.

We’re not just talking about Realtors. They will be part of the program (whether you’re a new home builder, or a remodeler), but some of your very best leads can come from your past customers and clients, and from your network of complementary business partners.

Considering the conversion data, why isn’t a referral program used more often as lead generation for home builders and remodelers?

On this webinar, we shared:

– How to set-up and structure your referral program the right way.
– Four different types of referral programs.
– Explained why a great referral program can be developed from just a few raving fans.

We reviewed the specific steps for setting up and managing referral programs as follows:

Home Builders:

– We reviewed the four types of referral programs for non-Realtors
– Realtors – proven techniques and strategies to keep them continually bringing you new customers.

Home Remodelers:

– Shared key strategies for developing referrals through Realtors, past clients, and home buyers.

Now you might be saying, “Sure, this sounds great, but who has time to implement and manage a referral program.”

The good news:

In this webinar, we not only explained techniques for easily setting up and implementing your referral program in very little time each week and each month, but we showed examples of how your referral program can be automated and monitored.

You’ll also learn how to approach the implementation of your referral program in bite-sized chunks.

If you want to get a link to watch a recording of the webinar (and download the slides), just leave a note in the comment section below, and I’ll send you the link.