How to Remove, ‘What’s Your Price Per Square Foot?’ from your prospect’s vocabulary: 3 Value Creation Strategies for making more sales at higher margins

Step 2- Creating Value Overview (video 1) 8-14-13

Hi All!

Hope you’re having a great summer- enjoy it while it lasts! I’m launching my next video series next week- Step 2 of my sales process. This is all about creating value and shifting your prospect’s focus from price to your services.

This video series will reveal:

  • Why most of your prospects are misinformed and use price to choose a builder. Plus, what you need to do about it!
  • Where value for your company gets established and how to automate the process
  • The “See, Tell, Do” formula for creating value- how you can use this to boost profitable sales!
  • The 5 most important value creating activities you need to incorporate (don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t work)
  • How to position your company as unique, special and different– your competitors won’t be able to do an apples to apples comparison
  • And much, much more!

Watch for the first video the week of August 19th.

Talk soon!


P.S. Please keep giving me feedback about the videos. I love to hear what you think. You can post any comments below.

P.P.S If you missed my first video series on lead generation, you can access the videos here >>