How to Remove What’s Your Price Per Square Foot: The Keys to Creating Value in the Invisible Market

Hi guys! Hopefully you are having fabulous week. Today, I am releasing the second video in the Step 2 video series. Step 2 of my sales process is all about creating value and helping your prospects move their attention from the price tag to the quality and value of your services.

In the first video of this series, I showed you:

  • The reasons clients use choose a builder; usually its price
  • Where a Sense of Value is created in the sales process
  • How to increase your sales by establishing value early during the invisible market
  • Why you need to target C & D list prospects and leave A prospects alone

In today’s video, I teach you:

  • The Consumer Value Formula
  • The Keys to Creating Value in the Invisible Market – It’s all about time, education, and media.
  • The Importance of the Human Element in Sales
  • The Value Creation Formula: Seeing and Telling are Crucial

I also show you Why Holmes on Homes© is a Success at the Value Creation Formula.

  • Identify the problem
  • Talk about the problem’s effects
  • Introduce a solution
  • Tell them what they should do

I trust you are gaining valuable insights with each video to boost your real estate business’s revenue. If you missed my first series of videos, they are a “must see” for learning how to master online and offline lead generation.It is the first step to mastering my 5 Step Sales process.

Watch for my next video on how to understand your prospects better than any of your competitors. And please leave comments below telling me what you think!

Click Here to Download the Slides for Video 2

Talk again soon!


P.S. Watch for my next video on marketing message and the importance of your positioning statement!

P.P.S. If you missed my first video series on lead generation, you can access the videos here.