How to Remove What’s Your Price Per Square Foot: The Keys to Creating Value in the Invisible Market, Part 5

Hi guys! I hope you have recovered from Labor Day weekend. The week after a long weekend can never get you to the next one fast enough!

Today, I am posting the next to last video in this video series on Automated Value Creation. This training series for remodelers and builders is about creating value for your customers so they move their focus from the price per square foot to the quality and services you provide. This particular video shows the secrets of the positioning statement.

Let’s review:

In the first video, you learned where value perception is formed the importance of establishing value early in the sales process.

In the second video, you learned my See, Tell, Do Value Creation Formula and specific ways to create perceived value for prospects.

In the third video, I showed you how to build a buyer’s profile from psychographics and demographics and how to identify and name your target market.

In the most recent video, I shared with you the importance of a great marketing message and the three specific things your marketing message must do to be memorable.

In today’s video, you’ll discover:

  1. The Secret Sauce for Marketing- Differentiation, Trust and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Click Here to Download the Slides for Video 5

I also show you how and where to put these on your website.

Happy Selling!


P.S. I hope you are enjoying these marketing tips. If you missed my initial training series on lead generation, click here to access this cornerstone of my 5 Step Sales process.

P.P.S. Look for the last video in this series coming soon. I’ll show you how to combine all of the information in this series into a nurturing program you can use to automate value creation.