If you haven’t heard of Seth Godin I encourage you to find out everything you can about this man. Read his books, watch his videos and subscribe to his blog.

In this clip Mike Lyon of Do You Convert interviews Seth at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco. Seth gave the keynote address and Mike was able to catch him before his speech and ask him this…

“In 2009, what is the number one thing a home builder should be doing to connect with consumers?”

Play the video and listen very carefully to the answer (I promise you it’s not like anything you have heard before)…

Forget Everything You Know…

I see the same old recycled garbage coming from the “so-called” experts in the housing industry.

Let me ask you a question…Do you think the newspaper industry will recover from its current predicament and re-live the glory days? Me either.

Then why do you believe the future of housing  will be any different?

Have you accepted the FACT that the market will not go back to any sort of normal we have known before. This recession, and the way people look at housing, will change things for every generation that is going through it. As Seth states, people might just look at their homes as a place to live rather that an investment and certainly a piggy bank.

In the video clip Seth’s talks about “the low hanging fruit may be rotten.” I would equate that to looking for tomorrow’s sale…. Today!

It’s called one step marketing and selling and it used to work. It doesn’t today.

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Why shouldn’t you use one step marketing and selling today?

Here’s 4 reasons:

1. It’s company focused. Nobody cares about being your next customer. They only care about what you will do for them.

2. You’re asking the prospect to become a customer in one step. Do people get married on the first date?

3. You ask the customer to give first. Sign the contract or write a check!

4. There is no relationship until the sale is made. Are you waiting for your next customer to walk in your model or call you on the phone?

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My next blog post I’ll talk about the system the most successful home builders and remodelers are using today.

You can see a sneak peak of it by watching this video>>

Until then…Happy Selling!