What if you could put much of your lead generation process on autopilot – so a lead never slipped thru the cracks?Step-3--Sales-Tech-Tools-intro-slide-11-17-13

Better yet…what if you could use technology to nurture those leads through the sales process – continuously connecting as they go from:

Home owner/referral partner…and eventually provide you with
Referrals (the most powerful and productive leads you can attract in your business!).

I must warn you. Switching from the manual systems that many home builders or home remodelers have used with success, in some cases, for many years, can be a difficult or even frustrating task.

Change can be hard.

But in this new video series titled “5 Can’t Live Without Sales Tech Tools for Home Builders and Remodelers,” I’m going to reveal the cutting edge tools that will make your life easier, and have a big impact on your closed sales.

In today’s video, the first in this new series, I’m giving you an overview of the impact technology will have on your sales process and your business.

You’ll learn:

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – real world facts about what it takes to start using tech tools.
  • The five areas of your business where technology can have the biggest impact.
  • A review of the sales process and the importance of, not just closing sales, but turning buyers into referral partners.
  • Reasons to embrace the change to using tech tools in your business.


I’d appreciate your feedback and comments below.

Happy Selling,

Coach Rick