“All I Want for 2010 is to be the Low Price Leading Home Builder…Or do I?”

You may have heard that the week between Christmas and New Years is typically the worst week of the year as it relates to business production.

I’m working on marketing and business plans right now. One of the things I’ll be helping my clients with is helping them NOT be perceived as a home builder or remodeler…

Why you ask?

When you call yourself a Home Builder, Remodeler or New Home Salesperson, your prospect has a built-in perception of what you do (and that can be good or BAD).

Let’s assume they perceive you to be a “good, quality, family-owned” home builder or remodeler. Do you think they might also talk to other good, quality, family-owned builders too?

The bottom line is if your prospects perceive you to be just like your competitors, there is only one differentiator…PRICE.

Market Positioning

Very simply, market positioning is going after a niche in the marketplace. You position your company to fill a niche and generate leads based on that niche.

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Who is your target market?
  • What are their biggest housing problems?
  • Do your prospects believe you can solve their problems better than a used home or your competitors?
  • What is different, special and unique about your company? What do you do best?
  • Why would your prospect choose you?

The Answers

BuilderRadio.com interviewed me on the subject of market positioning. You can listen to the interview by clicking on this link>>.

Give it a listen while you’re working on your business plan this week. It’ll help you answer the above questions.

Listen to the interview here>>

Does your company have a market position? If so, tell me about it in the comment section below.

Happy New Year & Happy Selling!

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