A Snapshot of How Good You Could Be Wednesday October 31st & Thursday November 1st

Do you ever wonder how good your business could operate if you combined the right tools with your experience, product knowledge and the incredible homes you produce?

If you could leverage your operation with cutting edge technology, concise no B.S mentoring and real world case studies the sky would be the limit. This week, allow me to give you a peak at what that would look like.

I’ve been asked by a small group of home builders and remodelers to give a low key informational overview on our 5 step automated Ubix sales system. We’ll review:

  1. Organic online lead generation
  2. Automated value creation (higher margins and sales conversion)
  3. Automated hot lead/prospect notification
  4. Lead-to-Prospect and Prospect-to-Buyer conversion systems
  5. How to continually improve your advertising, marketing and sales process

We’ve set up 2 dates for a 30 minute group overview virtual meeting.

Session #1
Date: Wednesday October 31st
Time: 8 PDT, 9 MDT, 10 CDT, 11 EDT (30 minutes)

Session #2
Date: Thursday November 1st
10 PDT, 11 MDT, 12 CDT, 1 EDT (30 minutes)

Interested in attending?

Leave a comment below or email me Solutions@NhSalesCoach.com and tell me which session you’d like to attend. I’ll send you the corresponding meeting link.

Talk soon,