You’re a pro at building and/or remodeling homes, that’s for sure. But can your marketing, advertising and sales process match up with your production expertise?

The process of Building/Remodeling a home is surprisingly similar to selling one. Here are the five steps my clients are using to maximize their sales today.

Step 1: Foundation- The foundation of any builders company is a steady stream of new leads.

Step 2: Framing– Consistent communication with people interested in your offerings frames the relationship for future sales

Step 3: Finishes- Your ability to personalize your design/build sales process is the key to your past success and future success.

Step 4: Closing– Executing the right sales activities at the right time

Step 5: Variance Analysis- You know how profitable each job was, right down to the dollar. Now it’s time to capitalize on how efficiently your advertising, marketing and sales process is running.

Tip: Relax and have some fun! It’s time to enjoy life again!

What do you think? You have a proven system for building homes?

What system for marketing and selling do you use?

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