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At my upcoming webinar on Feb. 26th I’m going to be breaking down the case study I presented at the International Builders Show (IBS) Partnering with Developers & Realtors for Custom Built Profit. One of the areas I’ll be covering is the lead generation strategies Morning Star Builders and developer Caldwell Companies used in their partnership.

Using Video to Generate Leads 

Morning Star used video extensively both leading up to their showcase home event and during the event itself. I have links to about 5 different videos in my resource guide (everyone that attends the 2/26 webinar can download it for free). These videos are a great way to generate leads by hyping the event before it started (driving people to follow the project on Facebook and/or email) and during the event to encourage ticket sales. Below is a video that was produced by the builder/developer partnership to promote ticket sales.

Notice the use of visuals of the home, combined with testimonials (developer/builder/vendor and attendees) with a strong call-to-action at the end.

Using Video to Create Value
Below is an example of a video Morning Star used to promote the event while the home was still under construction. Take a look how Ted Cummins masterfully tells the story of the owner’s bath, simultaneously creating value for his company by showing their design capability

Testimonial Videos
Testimonial videos are the single best way to build the confidence of prospective buyers. Video is the only online medium that shows all three forms of communication- spoken word, tone of voice and body language. Notice how this video is structured to accomplish the following:
1. Document the decision making process of making the buying decision.
2. Tell a story of how life has changed for the better
3. End with a ringing endorsement


Make sure to join me this Thursday February 26th where I’ll break down more of the 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships.

Talk soon!