10 Home Builder and Remodeler Marketing Tips for 2010

I was recently asked for my “Top Marketing Tips” for a home building publication. I put this list together as 10 steps for what I’d recommend to a home builder or remodeler in 2010. It’s quick and easy.

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2010 Top Marketing Tips

Step #1
: Identify if there is a market for your services. If there is, go to step 2…
Step #2: Answer the question, “Why would I buy from you?”, in one sentence.
Step #3: Take what your market will give you. Don’t wish for what it won’t.
Step #4: Focus on being different, not better.
Step #5: Don’t wait for your customers to tell you what they want. Think like Apple.
Step #6: Focus on a single strategy but try LOTS of different ways to advertise it.
Step #7: What are your guarantees? If you don’t know them your prospects don’t either.
Step #8: Involve a young person (under 40 and preferably under 30) in the leadership of your company.
Step #9: Create transparency in everything you do
Step #10: If it doesn’t sell, quit, learn from it and try something else.

Happy Selling!

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