With most areas of the country “in-transition,” while we all work to diminish — hopefully snuff out — the corona virus; it’s time for new home builders and home remodelers to “get back in the saddle” and focus on strong business growth for the second half of 2020.

The only difference is, our “new normal” has taught us some valuable lessons that will impact our businesses going forward.

(I explained all of them in-depth in last week’s blog post.)

To highlight a few lessons:

1) Embracing technology — meaning using Facebook Live events, virtual client connections, and even virtual open houses — will be part of your regular business routine.

Considering this can help you “close more sales…faster” it’s truly worth it.

2) No matter what the circumstances – when you believe, adapt, and take action – you can create business in any circumstances.

Some clients experienced project postponements and cancelations. Others made sales – virtually.

Anything is possible.

3) Continually nurturing relationships with clients, prospects, and Realtors is even more important now.

Home building and remodeling has always been a relationship business. But taking those relationships to an entirely new level is how you will outdo your competition for years to come.

That being said, our “new normal” will continue to include some “old sales issues.”

That’s why – over the next few months, I’m going to be giving you some special gifts. I want to give you access to some complimentary training that can help you build a stronger sales force, close sales faster, and truly impact your bottom line.

The first training is called: “The 3 Step Formula for Getting Your Prospects to Commit to Your in 30 Minutes or Less.”

Remember – when you close a sale faster, it means, you can close more sales in the same amount of time.

Literally worth thousands — even hundreds of thousands — on your bottom line.

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Let’s get business moving now.

God Bless,