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Thanks so much for attending my SEBC or Houzz event. The programs are called Model Behavior: What Prospects do Before they Buy and Digital to Dotted Line: Tactics for Remodelers to Convert Online Leads into Clients. We explored the process a Buyer goes through before they ever meet you. The idea was to give them what they’re looking for on your website and social media platforms so you…

  1. Attract them to your site (Awareness)
  2. Entice them to “opt-in” (Consideration)
  3. Get them to the closing table (Commitment)

You know your prospect’s buying signs when they’re standing in your model home. But do you know their buying signs when they’re on your website, social media pages and blog? This course detailed exactly what your prospects do online, before and after they meet you. You’ll discover what to watch for and more importantly, how to use the information to make more sales!

Click here to download the Model Behavior slides from SEBC

Click here to download the slides from the Digital to Dotted line Houzz webinar

Sample Websites

Here are 2 sample home builder websites we’ve worked with our clients to create that are generating 30 – 70 leads each month. The remodeler generates about 10 due to lower traffic counts. Overall conversion rates for these 3 sites average 3 – 5% of new users in the state the builder operates in (e.g. 1,000 new user visitors from Florida will generate about 40 new leads for a Florida based builder). The amount varies based on time of year with spring being the highest.

Semi-custom/Production Builder

Custom Builder

Design/Build Remodeler

Bonus Tutorial! 

From Digital to Dotted LIne: 10 Mistakes to Avoid & 10 Tactics for Converting Online Leads into Buyers

Below is a recording of a coaching session with my clients and links to download resources. Enjoy!


Click here to download the slides from this program

Click here for the tutorial for writing effective emails

Click here for the tutorial for phone conversion tactics

I hope these resources will help you make many more sales!

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