Picture this…the cabin scene from the movie Fargo where the kidnappers are holding the victim until they receive the ransom money.    That scene pretty much sums up my setting between Christmas and New Year’s where I spent four days reflecting on 2008 and planning for 2009.  The only difference was:

  • I had heat
  • My television got better reception
  • I didn’t have a wood chipper on the premise

So what did I learn in 2008?  Here’s a start…
1.  Quit trying to sell.

You read that correctly.  The New Home Sales Coach just told you to quit trying to sell.  Let me explain.  Most of you use what’s called a one-step sales method.  Meaning, you advertise your homes, lots, remodeling services, etc.  and hope for the phone to ring.  Doesn’t ring too much does it?


You need to quit “going for the jugular” and trying to convert a prospect to a customer in one step and start building a relationship through a multi-step process.  A multi-step process focuses on three things.


First, take plenty of time to get to know the prospect and them to know you.  Second, build the value of your company and third, earn their trust.


“Rick, we’re already doing this.”


You may think you are, but you’re probably not executing it correctly.  This is not about being a good listener when you meet with someone or properly demonstrating your model home.  A multi-step process takes place before you even talk to your prospect.  My clients are just now beginning to execute this system.  One of them just had a prospect email them for an appointment to build a home before they ever talked to them.


How often does that happen to you?


In 2009 I’ll be launching my newest Sales Symposium called The Ultimate System to Landing the Perfect Prospect.  I’ll show you what you need to do to design, build and implement a lead generating system where you, too, can get prospects emailing you for an appointment before you’ve ever talked to them. 


2.  Mastermind.


Government or the market won’t save you in this crappy market.  Those around you, combined with your intellect, can and will.  Remove all negative people from your business life and surround yourself with people in this industry that are on the cutting edge in dealing with this recession.


I invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours collaborating with some brilliant people in 2008.  The knowledge I’ve gained, and continue to gain, is what has allowed me to grow my business in this recession.


In 2009, I’ve decided to bring a mastermind group to you.  That’s right, coming this summer I will be forming a “virtual” mastermind group of some of the finest, most intelligent contractors and salespeople in the industry and you will have an opportunity to participate.

Send me an email if you want to know more before I launch the program>>


3.  Do Something.


My clients tried a lot of things in 2008.  Some of them worked and a lot of them didn’t.  But do you know what their bankers, suppliers, prospects and subcontractors said (no matter what the results), “You’re doing something!  Everyone else is sitting on their hands.  If we have to go to bat for someone we’ll do it for you.”


The faster you try and fail, the faster you learn.  The more you learn, the more you sell.  The more you sell, the more you figure out how to maximize profits.  Don’t worry whether it’s going to work or not.  Try it!

Click here to “do something” about attracting more buyers in 2009>>


4.  Understand your prospects better than anyone else.


There are four types of personalities.  Two of the four are in the marketplace buying today and two are sitting on the sidelines.


The Dominant and Analytical personalities are buying today.  Why?  Dominant people are more risk tolerant and love to negotiate.  They see the opportunity in this market.


Analytical personalities see the opportunity to dramatically upgrade their housing situation with high quality materials at rock bottom prices.


Do you understand how to work with these personalities?  Do you know how to deal with their objections, negotiation tactics and their hidden fears?  Do you know how to attract these types of personalities?


This is probably one of the most overlooked selling techniques in today’s market.  I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do to attract, understand and sell to these personalities at my next Sales Symposium – The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Home Buyers.  You have only five days left to register for this once a year class.


5.  Give them something for free (remodeling contractors pay attention to this one). 


I’m not talking about a new kitchen or fireplace.  I’m talking about a great way to start a relationship with a prospect.


I’d been working on a marketing plan with a client of mine when they told me they’d been experimenting with Google Adwords online advertising.  My client forwarded me their monthly keyword report that showed they had 482 “click-throughs” that cost them $280.


Guess how many converted to leads and contacted them for more information?  One!


Another client, whose website I’ve been able to help revamp, is averaging 8 leads a month without paying any money for keywords or search engine optimization.  What’s the difference?  One is giving the prospect a compelling reason to leave their information – he’s giving away something for free!


In 2009 you need to give prospects reasons to start a relationship with you.  Give them something for free!


Happy Selling!