Here’s my 8 mile fun run this weekend. I’m running with a friend that is training for a 1/2 marathon. Exercise is a lot like selling and business. If you don’t constantly challenge yourself (mind and body) to try new things you reach a plateau.

I haven’t run 8 miles for quite a while so I’ll be sore for a couple of days from the experience. But, once I’ve achieved this I know I’ll be in better shape and able to see the results of my training with increased energy and stamina.

Marketing, sales and business education are the same. You push yourself to learn new strategies, implement them and measure the results. Most of the time, just like exercise, it may take weeks and months to begin to see the effects. Six months, 1 year and more later you look back and say, ‘look how far I’ve come. They’re still so much more to accomplish but I’m so far ahead of where I was.’

Happy Selling!