Hello HVCC Petition Signer:

HVCC Continues to devastate home values across the US.  As we’ve shared, Representatives Childers (D-MS) and Miller (R-CA) introduced legislation (H.R. 3044) requesting an 18 month moratorium on the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), which now has over 80 co-sponsors!

Tens of thousands of consumers have already been robbed of their opportunity to enjoy historically low rates by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s rule. HVCC needs to be permanently reversed in order to restore lower costs to the consumer and to protect the thousands of real estate transactions stalled by this code. You are well aware of the harmful nature of this horribly misguided code, but others may not be.  We implore you to forward this petition link to everyone you know…EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE. Let’s make sure this petition gets enough signatures to open the eyes of the representatives that have the power to initiate change!