Learning how to hold Facebook Live events is a great ongoing business strategy for homebuilders and remodelers.

It’s time efficient, it can create lots of engagements, and you may attract new business leads when people share through a watch party with their friends and family.

In today’s complimentary training (Week five our special 60-day series during the Covid-19 Pandemic) I’m sharing tips and strategies for doing Facebook Lives.



Setting up a Facebook Live Event

1) If you want to schedule your event, you must do it from a tablet or laptop computer (not your phone – we tested it!).

2) Schedule the event at least one week in advance.

3) Have at least two people in the event – one who is on camera, the others who are monitoring chat as an administrator. That person can also trigger pre-determined questions and polls.

Promoting Your Facebook Live Event:

  • Start teasing one week in advance.
  • Send an email blast to your lead list (include Realtors!)
  • Schedule an SMS/Text reminder to go out to your list within an hour of the start time (even 15 minutes).
  • Promote with different types of posts – at least five. Here’s some examples:
  1. Pre-content videos (3-to-5 minutes) and photos
  2. Use “on time drawings” ($5 coffee or Amazon cards) to increase attendance, can also have a drawing for those who have shared the event (Note: this is a great way to capture their contact info – since they have to provide it for you to mail their gift card)
  3. Include CTAs (Calls-to-Action) in the teaser posts to get opt-ins. Example: Download the floor plan prior to the Live.
  4. Show specific rooms – and ask engagement questions
  5. Can run a promoted post advertisement – especially to those who have liked your page.

Executing the Event

Launch early and engage attendees – “If you’re here live, or watching after the event, I’d love to know…”

  • Where you live now?
  • What’s bugging you most about your home?
  • What style of home do you live in?What’s the most important room in your new home?
  • Where do you want to move to?

2) Use drawings during the live event. Examples:

  • Showing up on time.
  • In the middle, based on people engaging/answering a question.
  • At the end (must be present)

3) Use a strong call-to-action (CTA)

Several times during the event, offer to schedule a no-obligation appointment.
Put links to website scheduler in the comment section (not in the video description) after the live has ended.

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