facebook for builders and remodelers: Do you believe this lie(s)? Find out the truth December 20th…

“facebook is a waste of time.”How to use facebook for lead generation, selling and sales

“I’ve never gotten a sale off facebook, let alone a single lead!”

“It might work for a pizza place but you’re not going to sell a new kitchen from facebook.”

And the comments go on and on… I watched a group of builders have a conversation just like this on Linkedin. The unanimous consensus was ‘don’t waste your time with facebook.’

They’re right…to a point. Let me explain.

Anytime you partake in a shotgun approach to lead generation, using any advertising medium, you’re going to lose valuable time and money. And let’s not confuse a facebook business page with social networking. facebook is advertising in its truest form today- a transparent way to tell your story where you can’t hide behind your logo.

So when you set up a facebook page for your business, because ‘everyone else has one, it’s no surprise the sales results are lacking. You don’t have a strategy. Until now.

My partner Rune and I have been working on a facebook process where you systematically build your facebook page with great content, track the effectiveness of the engagement and tie the process into other marketing mediums to maximize sales.  On December 20th we’ll be revealing the results of a year long case study, working with a custom home builder, to develop and execute a selling strategy using facebook.

We’ll show you…

  • What content to post and when to post it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with facebook. You DO need to know what content to post.
  • How to measure effectiveness. You CAN use facebook for lead generation, but not the way you’re currently using it.
  • Integration strategies. The mistake you’re making with facebook is looking at it as a stand alone medium. It’s not. You’ve got to create synergy with your other marketing efforts to get any value of out it.

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Looking forward to talking on the 20th!