Get your Complimentary Home Builder Lead Generation Scorecard

After you answer 10 multiple choice questions you’ll instantly see how well you’re doing at generating new home builder leads. You will find out how you compare to other builders and get tips you can incorporate immediately.


Get your Complimentary Remodeler Lead Generation Scorecard


After you answer 10 multiple choice questions you’ll instantly see how well you’re doing at generating new remodeling leads. You will find out how you compare to other builders and get tips you can incorporate immediately.


4 Keys to Improving Your Advertising

4 Keys to Improving Your Advertising

Let’s define advertising…

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action.

Most home builders and remodelers throw away thousands of dollars each year with ineffective advertising. Even if you don’t advertise in traditional mediums such as newspaper, television or magazines- you do have a process for “persuading an audience to take action” (i.e. generating new leads).

Are you generating as many leads as you like?

Most of you would probably say “NO.” But how can you grow your business without new leads? You can’t. You CAN change your approach to advertising.

You can get rid of your out-of-date one-step advertising approach and adopt a new model of engaging your prospects. I’ve put together 4 simple keys to modifying your advertisements for today’s tough market.

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Use a rifle approach

5 Ideas for Super Charging Your Lead Generating During Model Home Hours

We’ve all been there…”skunked!” Zip, zada- NOBODY!

You just sat, yet another weekend, with no traffic to your model home. Sometimes this goes on for weeks and months!

But why? Why do we allow this to happen?

“We don’t have any advertising budget, Rick.”

Who does?

You don’t have to have a mega advertising budget to get better lead generation during your model home hours. You just need to change your approach from that of a shotgun to a rifle.

Here’s the first key…start looking at your time in the model as an Open House, not just another day at the office.

I’ve put together a report with 5 easy to implement strategies you can start on today.

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How to Supercharge Lead Generation from Model Homes

5 Low Cost Strategies to Transform your Website from a Marketing Brochure to Lead Generation Machine

Dear Building Professional,

At the beginning of 2008 I knew I needed to rebuild my web site and I looked for a company to help me do that. After an exhaustive search I realized most web companies are designers- not web marketers. I found out there is a big difference between a web designer and a web marketer.

Have you used a web designer to build a site for you?

There are some great designers out there and they are very good at designing. But the mistake you made (just like I was making) is not creating a web marketing plan BEFORE you designed your site.

This cutting-edge video will explore 5 low-cost, do it yourself strategies home builders, associates and remodelers are currently using to enhance their web presence online including:

  1. The 9 key items you MUST HAVE to create a top selling web site.
  2. How to create a consumer identity and attract better prospects.
  3. The biggest mistake most builders make with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. The best type of social networking (use this and leads will pour into your website).
  5. How to double, triple even quadruple your web leads using this one simple strategy

Check out this video to see what I learned from one of the best Web Marketers in the country (I paid him big dollars to personally mentor me last year. You can watch the video and get these ideas for FREE!)

Now I’m helping my clients build web marketing plans that are delivering up to 20 LEADS A WEEK.

When you’re done you can download the powerpoint. I hope you enjoy it.

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How to Ignite Your Sales in a Battle-Hardened Housing Market

Historically the relationship between builders and Realtors® has been that of oil and water. Builder’s too often feel Realtors® are over compensated for what they do. Realtors® avoid builders like the plague due to trust issues and a poor understanding of the home building process.

Consider this…

  • 85 – 95% of the sales in any particular market are made by Realtors®. Oh and by the way, those sales are of used homes. Psst…hey builders, wouldn’t you like to tap into that?
  • Only about 5% of Realtors® derive 10% of their income from representing buyers with new home sales. Hey Realtors® – how’d you like to grow your business by 10% or more?

The chief culprit that has driven a wedge between better builder/ Realtor® relationships is a lack of understanding for what the other does. When we don’t understand something, we tend to avoid it.

That worked great until now. Now builders need Realtors® more than ever. Realtors® control the majority of the ready, willing and able buyers. Builders need an additional flow of sales to subsidize their own marketing programs.

Many Realtors® find their business has dropped or reached a plateau. Realtors® too need an additional source of income.

In my FREE download Cracking the Realtor®/Builder Code- 10 Sure-Fire Tactics to Jack Up Your Sales– I’ve identified 5 strategies for Realtors® to help them add that missing 10% to their income through selling new homes.

I’ve also put together 5 tactics for builders that will help them better understand Realtors® and help forge long term mutually beneficial relationships.

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