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A to Z Sales and Marketing for New Home Builders and Remodelers.

Some remodeling and new home sales training coaches would have you believe that there’s one simple trick…a silver bullet to creating a successful business.  You and I both know that’s not true.  The truth is, like almost everything in business, sales and marketing is a process with multiple steps…like a machine that creates profits.  When you get all those parts of that machine working together then success happens.  But if any part is missing or broken, the whole thing falls apart.

You may already have an idea of where your company’s marketing and sales process is strong and where it is weak.  We’ve found, however, that almost every company we deal with has a few hidden weaknesses that are not easily found by the people running the business.  They’re just too close to it to have the perspective they need to diagnose the problems.  To help, we made a fast and easy self assessment for businesses like yours to get the perspective they need and see how their marketing and sales strategy measures up.

Give it a try.  You’ll be surprised by the results.

New Home Builder Scorecard | Remodeler Scorecard