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How do you compare?
My name is Rick Storlie and I’ve created a 2 minute tool that will help you identify the fastest way to steal market share from your competitors. Before you spend one nickel on a new advertising, marketing or sales program- get your home builder sales and marketing Scorecard.

After you answer 10 multiple choice questions you’ll instantly…
arrow2 Home Builder   Scorecard See where your marketing strengths and weaknesses are
arrow2 Home Builder   Scorecard Find out how you compare to other builders
arrow2 Home Builder   Scorecard Get tips you can incorporate immediately

Once you have your personal Scorecard you’ll know what part of your marketing needs improvement and where you’re already excelling. PLUS you’ll walk away with simple tips that can make a big impact on your sales right away.

But get your complimentary Scorecard now before your competitors do.

Answer 10 multiple choice questions in two minutes and be on your way to better margins, more leads and increased sales.

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Happy Selling!

Rick Storlie

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