Home Builders and Remodelers: More important than getting a decent CRM is knowing how to use it correctly.  Your CRM should drive the activities that increase sales and profits.

Case Study Resource Guide from the 2013 NAHB International Builders Show…


Dear Builder,

Between 2011 – 2012 we conducted a case study with two builders to test new applications in the following areas:

  1. Market Positioning– Automatically Creating Value for your services
  2. Lead Generation– Online, off your website, and Partnering with your clients and local Realtors
  3. Sales Conversions– Updating the design/build sales process and adding metrics to measure and improve efforts weekly

The results of the case study were delivered in two programs at IBS 2013 show. 5 Custom Builder Sales Strategies Revealed and Unleashing the Sales Power of Your Website.

Nearly 400 builders attended the two sessions. We packed as much information into the programs and also created a resource guide for anyone who wanted our slides, notes from the results and links for more information.

The resource guide contains the following:

  • Creating a niche category for your business through your Marketing Message and Positioning Statement
  • How to tap into the Invisible Market via understanding the sales cycle of women (yes they make all the housing decisions!)
  • A checklist for converting your website from an electronic brochure into an interactive virtual model home/show room
  • Capturing leads from your website
  • How to remove, “What’s your price-per-square-foot from your buyer’s vocabulary.”
  • Using web analytics to track and determine who are your hottest leads
  • The 3 sales activities every builder should be focusing on today – These can be organized and automated with the right home builder CRM
  • How to form partnerships with your clients and business affiliates to systematize your referral leads
  • The 3 key metrics you need to use for managing your advertising, marketing and sales process

You’ll also be able to download the slides from each program. Just click here and leave your name and email. I’ll send you the link for the guide along with everything else I’ve got in my Free Resource area. 

Happy Selling!

Rick Storlie

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P.P.S Our “secret weapon” when it comes to sales automation is the home builder / remodeler CRM we use and have all our clients use.  It’s designed specifically for our market and blows all the other systems out of the water.  When you sign up here to get the resource guide, I’ll share more info on our home builder CRM