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Why New Home Sales Coach?

The bottom line is I have spent the last 20+ years working with builders to help them sell more homes in all sorts of markets.

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If you’re like most design/build home builders and remodelers the one question you ask yourself everyday is ‘how do I get more leads and sales?’ I bet you’re an expert builder but what about marketing?

Most builders have a step-by-step process they use to get everything from the foundation in to the finish work done but when it comes to the marketing they only have a vague idea of what needs to be done to help prospects become buyers.

Creating a simple marketing and sales process for the design/build sales process is the reason I started my business. I saw builders struggling without one and knew that there was a better way to sell new homes and renovation services.

I started my career in 1988 as a framer working on an apartment building. The day after my high school senior year classes ended I found myself lifted up in the air 30 feet and putting sheathing on a gable roof end.

As I looked down on all the carpenters, plumbers, electricians and HVAC people I had a real eye opening experience. Each company was doing their own thing and no two companies were working together. I saw a dumpster full of wasted materials and wondered to myself, “isn’t there a better way?”

Years later when I transitioned into selling new homes I had the same thought: “Isn’t there a better way to sell more homes with less wasted time and effort?”

After graduating college and hanging up my nail apron (my back still thanks me!), my builder introduced me to “See” sales training. I’m sure many of you have had the same training or have used the “See” techniques with your own salespeople. My builder told me “See your model key? See your model? When am I going to See some sales?”

That was it. That was the entire sales process my builder had. It was like pointing to a cement truck, a pile of lumber and a hole in the ground and saying “when am I going to see this home done?”

My builder had no sales plan or process and it was no surprise sales were limp. I took this as a challenge and went to work creating a simple plan for builders to sell the design/build process.

What I discovered over the years is builders are so busy keeping track of the production aspects of construction they don’t have enough time to find out what really works for marketing and selling. Today, I’ve taken on a partner to help me integrate everything I’ve learned over the last 20+ years (and certainly since 2005) into a technology platform that builders can integrate into their everyday life. The opportunities are incredible and results breathtaking.

“A rule of thumb is that a lousy process will consume ten
times as many hours as the work itself requires.”

-Bill Gates


Rick Storlie’s Home Builder and Remodeler Marketing Services – Helping You Reach Your Sales Goals No Matter What the Economy

The software, coaching and other marketing services I provide are all based on one simple business concept. The purpose of marketing is to understand, better than anyone else, your prospect’s problems and provide a solution that helps them get what they want and bring in more business.

Why use this approach?

When your marketing is client focused and not company focused, you sell a lot more- a lot more!

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How did I become a housing sales and marketing guru, an expert in helping people like you attract more leads online and offline so you can increase your sales and profits?

I’m one of those people who’s always looking for a better way. After a 20+ year career of carpentry work, direct home sales, field management, sales management and general management for design/build home builders and remodelers, I’m always searching for a better way to sell. I use a simple formula to do this:

Education + Hard Work (implementation) + Persistence (X Technology) = Success!

In my work, my passion is helping people like you discover a better way to attract more and better leads to grow your business.

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Let me give you one example of how I work. I’ve noticed most design/build remodeler and home builder web sites look beautiful, loaded with pictures and information. However, when I ask the owner’s how many leads their sites generate each week, most answer with “zero.”

I designed a website lead capture system for my clients and partnered with a technology company that not only captures about 5% of the web traffic on their sites- the system automatically follows up with the leads and alerts the builders to who’s hot and should be followed up with. The system not only captures, tracks and nurtures leads, it tracks all sales activity and rolls everything up into a weekly scorecard so each builder can easily get an idea of how well they’re doing.

Now, the same clients that had not been getting one lead a month are now getting 2 – 20 EVERY WEEK! The best part is we’ve built a consistent pipeline of leads that get followed up with properly (and automatically) allowing the builder to work with their best leads and always have a source for their next client.

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Something else you should know about me. Everything I teach is based on appealing to women. In case you haven’t figured it out yet (or have been living under a rock), women are the primary influencers in the decision to remodel or purchase a new home.

Women are completely different from men in their shopping and buying preferences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 90% of the construction industry is male. In a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in 2005 “Women directly purchase or have a controlling influence in the purchase of 91% of all new homes.” (Smith-Dahmer Associates, NAHB IBS). Do you see the disconnect we have in the housing industry?

I’ve spent years studying everything from home design to copywriting that appeals to women. I’ll show you the mistakes you’re making in your marketing and sales process that will get you immediate results. You can skip my learning curve and use these strategies to increase your sales right away.

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